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  Shopping guide in Crystal Paris


Terms and Conditions

The authenticity of the products is guaranteed by the store.



  The fracture of the lipstick is the responsibility of the store and the customer is obliged to report the fracture of the lipstick until one hour after the delivery of the package so that the replacement sample can be sent again for free. Otherwise, the site will not be responsible.



   If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return the package to the store within 24 hours after delivery for any reason, in which case the package will arrive safely and the shipping cost will be with the customer, and the store will return the payment to the customer if the product is healthy.


This site is subject to the laws of the Islamic Republic.






     Product shipping guarantee    







      Fast and secure sending







     Exchange and return of goods







      Secure and legal payment







Contact with Crystal Paris


  Address: Bahar crossroads,of corner,

        Rajaei 4,Saveh, Iran


  Phone : 08642475222 - 08642475256






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